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"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates


Is there a limit to knowledge? Is the life of one integrated in the pattern of the stars? Esotericism is the studies of the Initiate who seeks to know the hidden mysteries of nature and science; thus leading him to inner knowledge.

Formal Science

The mathematical mysteries and complexities which reside infinitely in the construct of matter and nature allow man to witness the hidden beauty of life. The empirical nature of these Sciences inspires one to search for the patterns within and without. To find Truth one must employ the aid of reason and logic.


The penning of Humanity's existence should never be met with indifference. The rise and fall of civilization and of those who existed before us allows us to create a bridge to our future. Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

Behavior Science

Why has man created civilization? Why do we need each other? What causes our behavior? The Behavioral Sciences teaches us about the evolution of the individual and society. Humanity is an endless web of actions, reactions, and traditions. The one who can begin to understand this will begin to understand himself.

Natural Science

Natural Science is a systematic exploration of the principles that make up the whole of creation in symmetry and order. The study of these laws, which govern the Universe, empowers the Seeker to better understand himself.


The pen has always been the method by which the story of heroes, lives never lived, and the deepest tragedies have been told. The imagination of Man is made manifest in the pages of books. Literature is one of the most enduring of man's creations, giving us glimpses of our past, present and future.


What is reality? What is the nature and depth of knowledge? What is justice? Philosophy has attempted throughout the ages to answer these timeless questions. It seeks to systemically uncover the Truth that lies beyond the diversity of ideas.

The Masonic Philosophical Society seeks to recapture the spirit of the Renaissance that brought mankind so many scientific, artistic, and philosophical advancements without seeking to destroy spiritual pursuits
The Masonic Philosophical Society is an institution which aims to provide an environment of exploration within the framework of Masonic principles and to inspire individuals to self-awareness

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Topics of Study

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Should "reasonableness" be removed from the Fourth Amendment?
Is the rigidness of the Scientific Method a barrier to Free Thinking?
Are we ready to interact in a multiracial community?
Is there free will in religion?
Are we entrenched in a world of symbols?
Is it wise to pursue artificial intelligence?
Are the ethical ramifications of eugenics so great that they may outweigh our pursuit to "build a better human?"
What’s Love Got to do with it?
Does the art of Leonardo Da Vinci contain hidden secrets of sacred geometry?
Is a New Archetype for the Mystic emerging?
Is disillusionment a good thing?
Why does Le Petit Prince so connect with people that it can be read in over 300 languages and dialects from around the world?
Did Lemuria Really Exist?
Should a Fifth Gospel be added to the New Testament?
What is Spectrum Disorder?
Is there Beauty in Hell?
Other Countries
What is Freethought and has it lost the intent of its original meaning?
Is Hermeticism an ancient form of science?
¿Qué es ese poder absoluto que dispone de nosotros, que nos pone un límite, que finiquita nuestra existencia?
¿Cómo aborda la Masonería la Teología, que es el estudio de lo Divino?
¿Qué relación existe entre los Dioses de Egipto y la Masonería?
What is the philosophy of Science?
A ética é mais profunda e mais natural do que a religião?
A ética é mais profunda e mais natural do que a religião?
A Crise atual possui um significado Interno?
A Transformação do Indivíduo pode despertar a Transformação do Mundo?
A Transformação do Indivíduo pode despertar a Transformação do Mundo?
Es la Masonería una escuela de pensamiento?
Es la muerte a su vez un nacimiento? El simbolismo de la muerte entre profanos y masones.
¿Qué es la consciencia? ¿Cuál es la esencia de la consciencia, de esa chispa que hace que nosotros seamos quienes somos y como se relaciona con la Masonería?
Casualidad o Causalidad?
É importante a prática da reflexão diária?
A transformação do individuo pode despertar a transformação do mundo?
O Pequeno Príncipe de Saint-Exupery
¿Realmente nos comunicamos?
Does genetic determinism rule our lives?
How can we read literature to understand it in a new light and use it in our Masonic journey?
Why and how do we celebrate the Winter Solstice?
How do Rewards and Punishments Affect our Behavior?
How is Masonry an alchemical process?
What is the meaning of the ancient text that begins; "The Universe is Mental"? Is there any relationship to this statement and Freemasonry?
Humanitys Neanderthal DNA: Irrelevant Information or Impactful Science?
Does the Bible have hidden or esoteric messages within its text?
Will crypto currency save humanity from greed and corruption?
Does Freemasonry have its own philosophy?
Is the evolution of language an indication of the evolution of man?
The U.S. Electoral College: Effective System or Outdated Paradigm?
Should certain books be banned from the public?
Is Rebelliousness a Sign of Intelligence?
Should Humanity Migrate Of Earth?
Does the Theology of Star Wars Teach us that All Religion is Doomed to Failure?
Does Art Record Human Experience While Reflecting History?
How does art invoke feeling?
What are the consequences of viewing intelligence in a decompositionist manner?
The Endurances Antarctica Expedition: Inspired Success or Epic Failure?
What is art and does it have inherent meaning?
Is ‘natural healing’ just a placebo, or is there actual science behind this ‘movement.’
Is the Study of Hermeneutics a Gateway to the Unfolding of Truth?
Is History a Reliable Guide to Predicting the Future?
In our World Today, is it Possible to Still Feel Wonder?
Can Symbologies in Masonry and the I Ching be Mutually Supportive?
Does Freemasonry Have its Own Philosophy?
How Might the Contemporary, Creative Revolutionary Interpret Renaissance?
Is democracy the best form of government to organize society?
Is the study of Hermenuetics a gateway to the unfolding of truth?
Does Reincarnation Account for Unexplained Talents and Historical Knowledge?
What is Spectrum Disorder?
Can symbologies & archetypes in Masonry & the I Ching be mutually supportive?
In Our World Today, is it Possible to Still Feel Wonder?
Who Were The Order of the Knights Templar and what led to their rise and fall?
Does the Theory of a Holographic Universe Prove that Reality Is not Simple As We Believe?
Is it possible to talk in a way that kids will listen and to listen so that kids will talk?
Can a number reveal your destiny?
Was J.S. Bach a Brilliant or an Inspired Rebel?
Is Alzheimer’s a manifestation of consciousness?
Is the worldview that the universe is Mental (or Spiritual) rather than Physical relevant today?
How can we use historical astrology to understand historical events and illuminate our current political landscape?
Popular Biblical Beliefs: What do you believe and why?
What is Esotericism?
Is language a bridge from the unreal to the real, or is the real unattainable through language?
Is the worldview that the universe is Mental (or Spiritual) rather than Physical relevant today?
Does the evolution of art over the centuries reflect the evolution of human consciousness?
Why does Le Petit Prince so connect with people that it can be read in over 300 languages and dialects from around the world?
Why do we search for happiness?
Why did Leonardo da Vinci leave so much unfinished?
Can the scientific method be used to answer moral questions?
What can we learn from our Saturn Return?
Can we understand ourselves by claiming the stars?
How can Aboriginal Songlines change the way we think?
How does meditation affect the human brain and body?
How does the wisdom of Seneca apply to the modern world?
The End of the world: Is this really it?
What would be the Ideal way of organizing the world?
What does it mean when we speak of self-discipline?
Who are we really?
What is the true meaning of The Word?
Does the triangle represent fundamental Truths about our reality?
Is chaos a good thing?
How do we make tough decision?
Do the ends justify the means?
“The Ugly Duckling”, an initiatory journey?
Is a robot more noble than a human?
What is the Nature of Man according to Plato?
What caused the division between science, religion, and philosophy?
Does the art of Leonardo da Vinci contain hidden secrets of sacred geometry?
What are Angels, Elementals, and Beings of Light?
Can the Tools of Logic Prove God exists?
Is the Wizard of Oz a Spiritual Allegory?
How Does Intuition and Imagination Guide the Awakening One?
Do Planets Make Music?
Does Masonry share a deeper link with Catholicism?
What is the Function of the Archetype of the Trickster?
What is the Difference Between Thought and Belief?
Is Nine the most mysterious number?
Is the ego the primary cause of all the world’s problems?
Is Hermeticism an ancient form of science?
Is As Above, So Below?
Did the use of dance act as a secret rite of passage?
Were the first human spiritual beliefs inclusive?
Is the Fool in Ancient Literature the Wisest?
Is the reporting of facts more susceptible to manipulation than in the past?
Why do cultures and religious organizations create sacred space?
Does Hermann Hesses novel, Damien, describe the Path of Seeker?
Is hell a real place or a construct to control people?
Should humanity migrate to other planets?
What is the philosophy of Science?
Was it the best of times AND the worst of times?
Are you a bystander, warrior, general, or king?
Is the evolution of language an indication of the evolution of man?
Does rational thought have a limit?
New York
What Role has Dance Played in the Evolution of Humanity?
Can One Really ‘Know Thyself’ Without First Knowing Ones Shadow?
We are What We Eat, Can We Heal Ourselves With the Proper Diet?
Are creation stories or identity attachments necessary today?
Does the Herman Hesse novel Demian conceal a hidden magic and mystery?
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"Don't just say you have read books. Show that through them you have learned to think better, to be a more discriminating and reflective person. Books are the training weights of the mind. They are very helpful, but it would be a bad mistake to suppose that one has made progress simply by having internalized their contents."
Stoic Philosopher
The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness

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