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"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates


Is there a limit to knowledge? Is the life of one integrated in the pattern of the stars? Esotericism is the studies of the Initiate who seeks to know the hidden mysteries of nature and science; thus leading him to inner knowledge.

Formal Science

The mathematical mysteries and complexities which reside infinitely in the construct of matter and nature allow man to witness the hidden beauty of life. The empirical nature of these Sciences inspires one to search for the patterns within and without. To find Truth one must employ the aid of reason and logic.


The penning of Humanity's existence should never be met with indifference. The rise and fall of civilization and of those who existed before us allows us to create a bridge to our future. Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

Behavior Science

Why has man created civilization? Why do we need each other? What causes our behavior? The Behavioral Sciences teaches us about the evolution of the individual and society. Humanity is an endless web of actions, reactions, and traditions. The one who can begin to understand this will begin to understand himself.

Natural Science

Natural Science is a systematic exploration of the principles that make up the whole of creation in symmetry and order. The study of these laws, which govern the Universe, empowers the Seeker to better understand himself.


The pen has always been the method by which the story of heroes, lives never lived, and the deepest tragedies have been told. The imagination of Man is made manifest in the pages of books. Literature is one of the most enduring of man's creations, giving us glimpses of our past, present and future.


What is reality? What is the nature and depth of knowledge? What is justice? Philosophy has attempted throughout the ages to answer these timeless questions. It seeks to systemically uncover the Truth that lies beyond the diversity of ideas.

The Masonic Philosophical Society seeks to recapture the spirit of the Renaissance that brought mankind so many scientific, artistic, and philosophical advancements without seeking to destroy spiritual pursuits
The Masonic Philosophical Society is an institution which aims to provide an environment of exploration within the framework of Masonic principles and to inspire individuals to self-awareness

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Topics of Study

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Are we alone in the Galaxy?
What is Epigenetics and how does it affect our lives?
Is there an Absolute Morality?
Can a society based on competition, brutality, and fear change its ways?
Are the Mind and Body Two Distinct Substances?
Does the quality of subjective ethics prevent the embodiment of morality?
Is Alice representative of the ideal human in Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?
Is the search for meaning in life a moral obligation?
Is all happiness created equal?
Is technology destroying our social fabric?
Has war ever benefited humanity?
Is Deism really Atheism in disguise?
What is the Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the number three?
Is Platos cave an allegory of the effect of education and lack of it in our nature?
How did Theology influence the Medicine science in the Ancient World?
Who are the Freemasons that contributed to science?
Is there life after death?
Is the power of mind the art of self-control?
What was the influence of Greek architecture in Co-Masonry and the modern world?
Babel Tower
Does Co-masonry consider a reborn when an organ transplant?
Is there any connection between sports and sacred geometry?
Is it really possible to have a soul exchange?
Can a Number Reveal Your Destiny?
Is the Path of Initiation a Heros Journey?
What is evil?
Do Planets Make Music?
Are Crafts really a form of Art?
What generation should you really have been born in?
Other Countries
¿Podemos resolver el conflicto entre lo que pensamos, sentimos y hacemos?
¿Puede haber moralidad y ética sin espiritualidad, o son consustanciales?
¿Es posible hacer alquimia con nuestra vida personal?
¿Es posible la sostenibilidad ecológica o ya el daño es irreversible?
¿Somos nada más un cuerpo pensante o un ente espiritual habitando un cuerpo?
El Número de Oro: ¿azar en la naturaleza o diseño inteligente?
Arte abstracto: ¿Ejercicio intelectual o búsqueda espiritual?
¿Vivimos en una democracia real o es una autocracia velada?
Cuentos de hadas: ¿historias morales o enseñanza espiritual?
Is the Current Model of Science Sustainable?
What makes Homo Sapiens so special?
Does Freemasonry advocate Anarchy?
Is Hermeticism an ancient form of science?
What is Freethought and has it lost the intent of its original meaning?
Does an irrational number (Phi) govern structures in our objective universe?
The U.S. Electoral College: Effective System or Outdated Paradigm?
What Can the Life of Samurai Miyamoto Musashi Teach Us About Freemasonry?
Do Ancient Alchemical Beliefs on the Cycle of the Elements Have any Bearing to the Modern World?
Is the evolution of language an indication of the evolution of man?
What would our Founding Fathers think of the Supreme Court Today?
Does Nihilism Lead to a Fulfilling Life?
"The Invisible Cloth": What is the Metaphor Embedded in this Tale?
Do the Ends Justify the Means?
Was Judas’ Betrayal of Jesus an Act of a Compassionate Sacrifice?
Camus, The Stranger, and the Absurd
Is the worldview that the ultimate reality of the universe is Mental(or Spiritual) rather than physical/material relevant today? 
How do Stories, Epics, and Myths Communicate our Human Behavior?
Does the Trivium Method provide a path to intellectual freedom?
Do fractals represent the Nature of our reality?
Geometria Sagrada é uma integração da ciência e da espiritualidade?
Numa sociedade de aparências e falsidades podemos confiar em alguém?
A Maçonaria teve participação no movimento de 1789?
Ciência e espiritualidade são antagônicos?
Existem fadas, duendes e gnomos?
Qué es la Epigenética y como actúa en nuestras vidas y que relación tiene con la Masonería.
¿Es la masonería una religión, o un sustituto de la religión o algo completamente diferente?
¿Es la masonería una religión, o un sustituto de la religión o algo completamente diferente?
¿Cómo aborda la Masonería la Teología, que es el estudio de lo Divino?
¿Qué relación existe entre los Dioses de Egipto y la Masonería?
¿Qué es el compañerismo y cuál es su rol en la Masonería?
¿Qué es el compañerismo y cuál es su rol en la Masonería?
El Arte y su Lenguaje ¿Qué son y cómo nos transforman?
¿Es la Materia Oscura el Éter de los alquimistas?
Poder, sexualidad y voluntad de saber en la Masoneria.
Las Supercuerdas y la visión remota de partículas, ¿un vislumbre más de la realidad detrás del velo de Isis?
¿Es el Amor un elemento de transformación?
Puede una Sociedad basada en la competencia, brutalidad y el miedo cambiar todo esto?
¿Tiene la alquimia importancia en nuestra vida moderna?
¿Puede una sociedad basada en la competencia, la brutalidad y el miedo cambiar?
¿Se relaciona la Astrología con la Masonería?
¿Qué construyen los Masones?
¿Qué tienen en común las Ciencias, la Magia y la Masonería?
Silencio y Transmutación. Nuestra vida es una cadena de reacciones a los estímulos, basada en los condicionamientos resultados de nuestras experiencias ¿Es posible vivir de otra forma?
¿Qué es el Cristianismo Esotérico y cuál es su relación con la Masonería?
¿Escuchar Música, es una forma de Meditación?
¿Qué representa “La Duda” en el camino del Masón?
Biocentrismo, ¿es la Vida la creadora del Universo?.
: ¿Sobreviven los herederos de los antiguos oficios de los constructores de catedrales?
¿Cuál es la tribu de la Masonería? o ¿Es la Masonería una Tribu?
Crisis y diferentes espectros de la revolución: ¿Cómo se estructura un cambio?
¿Cuál es y dónde está la frontera entre lo público y lo secreto de la co-masonería?
Es la Masonería una escuela de pensamiento?
Es la muerte a su vez un nacimiento? El simbolismo de la muerte entre profanos y masones.
¿Qué es la consciencia? ¿Cuál es la esencia de la consciencia, de esa chispa que hace que nosotros seamos quienes somos y como se relaciona con la Masonería?
Casualidad o Causalidad?
¿Por qué negamos la Muerte? ¿Cuál es el significado de ella a través de la Historia?
Música y Consciencia, ¿el “Efecto Mozart” tiene alguna relación con la Masonería?
Consciencia sin Ciencia... ¿Conscientes de que?
O Pequeno Príncipe de Saint-Exupery
A tecnologia é uma expressão dos poderes latentes no homem?
A maçonaria teve participação na Incofidencia Mineira?
Podemos transformar nossos hábitos e transformar nossas vidas?
Pode a astrologia milenar influenciar o avanço cientifico?
Há uma Inteligência Superior que se manifesta através da matemática e geometria?
El Viaje del Héroe, ¿ exclusiva de los cuentos o es una habilidad que podemos desarrollar?
How is Masonry an alchemical process?
How can we read literature to understand it in a new light and use it in our Masonic journey?
The Hindu Law of Dharma: Antiquated Dogma or Inherent Duty?
Is Health Hacking the future of western medicine?
The Moral Philosophy of Immanuel Kant: Is Morality Self-Evident or Taught?
How is surrealism a key to harmonizing the sub- and conscious minds?
Is Esotericism good for the world, and if so, why?
Does the Trivium Method provide a path to intellectual freedom?
Are we better off or worse off today?
Do Kabbalah and tarot relate to initiatory societies and the mystery schools?
How Pertinent is the Egyptian Book of the Dead to Today’s World View?
Has the Trivium become so diluted it is no longer relevant or recognizable?
Do We Have Abilities that are Beyond our basic Understanding?
Is the Bushido Culture of Japanese Samurai Similar to the Discipline of Masonry?
What is Average?
Antibiotic Resistant Disease and Balds Leechbook: Modern Medical Answers?
Can Human Beings Evolve All at Once or a Little at a Time?
Is Climate Change Real?
Are maps a representation of our world and is our worldview shaped by them?
Is The Walden of Thoreau Performance Art?
Do Good and Evil really exist?
Color Theory and the I Ching
Does an irrational number (Phi) govern structures in our objective universe?
Did Freemasonry shape the actions of the liberators of South America?
What are the origins of the Tarot?
How can the Enneagram of psychology enhance our lives and relationships?
The Pursuit of Happiness: Is it a Choice?
Camus, The Stranger, and The Absurd
Does photography offer a true representation of reality?
Can the archetypal myth of the Hero’s Journey assist us in finding ourselves?
How are we moved by the power of parables?
What is the Power of Sacred Relics?
What meaning do we find in a casting of runes?
What is the essence of Numerology?
Why does Man have existential crises?
Was Vincent van Gogh a madman or a genius born before his time?
Are we on the steps of the Fools Journey?
How important is our sense of smell?
How are we programmed to fear?
What are the lessons learned from the Day of the Dead?
Will the real Shakespeare please stand?
Is love an art?
Is Trust the Essential Fabric Holding Society Together?
Is “The Ugly Duckling” a Story of an Initiatory Journey?
Why Do We Want Words to Express Feelings After Experiencing Anothers Death?
Should Certain Books Be Banned?
What Use does the Pythagorean Theorem Have in Our Daily Lives?
Could We Manipulate DNA to Extend Human Lifespan?
Should We Look for Logical Fallacies?
Simple Guidance For A Good Life?
How Does Our Spatial Environment Influence Us?
Is It Significant that Women Numbered Among Masons in Masonic Operative Guilds?
Does Our Ruling Love Define Us?
Are Space and Time the Ultimate Illusion?
Why Are Ceremonies and Rituals Important in Our Lives?
What Is Your Quest? Manifestations of the Search for the Grail
We are dark.
Was Christine de Pisan a Feminist?
Is the Story of Jesus Christ a Solar Story?
How Do We Make Tough Decisions?
Was Christine de Pisan a feminist?
How Much Control Does Man Have Over Himself?
Who is more apt, the one that competes best or the one that cooperates best?
How Can We Use Esotericism in Our Own Development?
Does magic exists and where does it come from?
What is the connection of Freemasonry with the ancient temples of the world?
Are we living in the illusion of the Maya?
Is Sun Tzus Art of War still relevant today?
Does the Trivium Method provide a path to intellectual freedom?
Is Love a Language?
Does Masonry share a deeper link with Catholicism?
Do Planets Make Music?
Going Dark
What is the Fibonacci Series and is it relevant in todays society?
Did Lemuria Really Exist?
Is it possible to separate Nicholas Roerich’s Art from his philosophy?
Should a Fifth Gospel be added to the New Testament?
Does Feng Shui allow you to live in harmony with your environment?
Is Silence a Way to Wisdom?
Are we alone?
Can the average person achieve true happiness?
Is alternative medicine more effective than Western medicine?
Is Saturn a friend or foe to humanity?
Do the ends justify the means?
Is Light, Physical and Metaphysical, Required for Life?
Is a critically thinking electorate necessary to maintain a democracy?
Does our short lifespan serve to protect or to harm the environment?
Why do we create ceremonies to remember those who have passed away?
What is Theosophy?
Is Hermeticism an ancient form of science?
Does Nihilism Lead to a Fulfilling Life?
Did King Solomons Temple Really Exist?
Does Esoteric Poetry Have a Place in Modern America?
Is Alchemy Speculative or Operative?
Is Extinction Natural?
Is there an intersection between Philosophy of the Mind and Artificial intelligence?
Did the Industrial Revolution Improve Society?
What is Liberty?
"Is a Wild Card a Good Thing?
What is Compassion?
Why do humans create ceremonies...?
Is a government with 3 distinct branches appropriate in the Modern Era?
What is Liberty?
Is Religion a Manifestation of a Collective Unconscious?
Society, Community or Family: What is our Role in the Education of our Youth
Could Marcus Aurelius Have Been the First Freemason?
Does the music we listen to have an effect on our health and well-being?
Hiram MPS is dark in December. No Meeting.
Was it the best of times AND the worst of times?
What does it mean to Grok or Understand in Fullness?
Should the Government Punish Colin Kaepernicks Anti-Patriotism?
How Does Art Reflect the Inner Universe of Artists?
Does Humanity Require Religion?
What would our founding fathers think about the Supreme Court today?
What is average?
Was our National Capital built in alignment with the stars?
What are the hidden messages and symbolism in allegorical art?
Is musical ability born in us, developed through practice, or inspired by Muses?
What does it mean to Grok or Understand in Fullness?
New York
Are we living in the Matrix?
How Did Freemasonry Influence Mormonism?
How does Bad or Good Faith affect us in our daily lives?
Does the Trivium Method provide a path to intellectual freedom?
What Special Bond Do Humans Share with the Animal Kingdom?
Is the story of Jesus Christ a story of the stars?
Why is Superman Our Superhero?
We are What We Eat, Can We Heal Ourselves With the Proper Diet?
Is the World a Better Place?
South Carolina
Does Freemasonry Advocate Anarchy?
How did Freemasonry influence Mormonism?
What are dreams?
Can and should we separate Jesus from Christianity?
Does the supernatural exist?
Are temples symbols of Man?"
Is a belief in reincarnation beneficial or detrimental?
Do good and evil really exist?
Is health hacking the future of western medicine?
What is hell?
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"Don't just say you have read books. Show that through them you have learned to think better, to be a more discriminating and reflective person. Books are the training weights of the mind. They are very helpful, but it would be a bad mistake to suppose that one has made progress simply by having internalized their contents."
Stoic Philosopher
The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness

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