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The Masonic Philosophical Society seeks to recapture the spirit of the Renaissance that brought mankind so many scientific, artistic, and philosophical advancements without seeking to destroy spiritual pursuits.

While the progress of the Renaissance, of the 14th century, can be largely attributed to newly available literature and methods for wide distribution of information The Masonic Philosophical Society recognizes a new challenge in our modern world. Access to information has never been greater. However, the sheer volume of data accessible to mankind can be daunting without the aid of a curriculum or a guide.

The Masonic Philosophical Society embraces the concept of learning not for school, but for life, and believes that all men, who seek it, deserve accessible continued education. We further embrace the concept of a community environment, where ideas can be shared and debated in an open forum. From the seven liberal arts to the arcane, we seek to gain and to share the knowledge that is the legacy of mankind.

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Are the Mind and Body Two Distinct Substances?
Is there an Absolute Morality?
Can a society based on competition, brutality, and fear change its ways?
What is Epigenetics and how does it affect our lives?
Does the quality of subjective ethics prevent the embodiment of morality?
Is Alice representative of the ideal human in Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?
Is the search for meaning in life a moral obligation?
Is Art the daughter of Freedom?
Are we alone in the Galaxy?
What are the distinguishing features of a shaman?
Is it True that Stoics Repress Emotions and Feelings?
Alice in Wonderland Philosophy, what does it mean?
Should certain books be banned from the public?
Is Deism Really Atheism in Disguise?
Is Language (The World of Symbols) the bridge from the unreal to the real?
Does spiritual ritual affect our physical bodies?
Is it really possible to have a soul exchange?
Can a Number Reveal Your Destiny?
Is the Path of Initiation a Heros Journey?
What is evil?
Do Planets Make Music?
Are Crafts really a form of Art?
What generation should you really have been born in?
Other Countries
Can Enlightenment be Met Through Meditation?
What is Freethought and has it lost the intent of its original meaning?
Does Freemasonry advocate Anarchy?
Is Hermeticism an ancient form of science?
"The Invisible Cloth": What is the Metaphor Embedded in this Tale?
Do the Ends Justify the Means?
Was Judas’ Betrayal of Jesus an Act of a Compassionate Sacrifice?
Does Nihilism Lead to a Fulfilling Life?
The U.S. Electoral College: Effective System or Outdated Paradigm?
What Can the Life of Samurai Miyamoto Musashi Teach Us About Freemasonry?
Do Ancient Alchemical Beliefs on the Cycle of the Elements Have any Bearing to the Modern World?
Is the evolution of language an indication of the evolution of man?
What would our Founding Fathers think of the Supreme Court Today?
Somos a cara do nosso país?
A Transformação do indivíduo pode despertar a transformação no mundo?
Qué es la Epigenética y como actúa en nuestras vidas y que relación tiene con la Masonería.
Puede una Sociedad basada en la competencia, brutalidad y el miedo cambiar todo esto?
¿Tiene la alquimia importancia en nuestra vida moderna?
¿Es la masonería una religión, o un sustituto de la religión o algo completamente diferente?
¿Es la masonería una religión, o un sustituto de la religión o algo completamente diferente?
¿Qué es el compañerismo y cuál es su rol en la Masonería?
¿Qué es el compañerismo y cuál es su rol en la Masonería?
El Arte y su Lenguaje ¿Qué son y cómo nos transforman?
¿Es la Materia Oscura el Éter de los alquimistas?
Poder, sexualidad y voluntad de saber en la Masoneria.
Las Supercuerdas y la visión remota de partículas, ¿un vislumbre más de la realidad detrás del velo de Isis?
¿Es el Amor un elemento de transformación?
¿Cómo aborda la Masonería la Teología, que es el estudio de lo Divino?
¿Qué relación existe entre los Dioses de Egipto y la Masonería?
¿Qué tienen en común las Ciencias, la Magia y la Masonería?
Silencio y Transmutación. Nuestra vida es una cadena de reacciones a los estímulos, basada en los condicionamientos resultados de nuestras experiencias ¿Es posible vivir de otra forma?
¿Qué es el Cristianismo Esotérico y cuál es su relación con la Masonería?
¿Escuchar Música, es una forma de Meditación?
¿Qué representa “La Duda” en el camino del Masón?
Biocentrismo, ¿es la Vida la creadora del Universo?.
¿Cuál es la tribu de la Masonería? o ¿Es la Masonería una Tribu?
: ¿Sobreviven los herederos de los antiguos oficios de los constructores de catedrales?
Crisis y diferentes espectros de la revolución: ¿Cómo se estructura un cambio?
¿Puede una sociedad basada en la competencia, la brutalidad y el miedo cambiar?
¿Se relaciona la Astrología con la Masonería?
Es la Masonería una escuela de pensamiento?
Es la muerte a su vez un nacimiento? El simbolismo de la muerte entre profanos y masones.
¿Qué es la consciencia? ¿Cuál es la esencia de la consciencia, de esa chispa que hace que nosotros seamos quienes somos y como se relaciona con la Masonería?
Casualidad o Causalidad?
¿Qué construyen los Masones?
¿Cuál es y dónde está la frontera entre lo público y lo secreto de la co-masonería?
A tecnologia é uma expressão dos poderes latentes no homem?
Nos relacionamos por interesse?
O Pequeno Príncipe de Saint-Exupery
El Viaje del Héroe, ¿ exclusiva de los cuentos o es una habilidad que podemos desarrollar?
How is Masonry an alchemical process?
How can we read literature to understand it in a new light and use it in our Masonic journey?
Do Good and Evil really exist?
Should museums return artifacts to their country of origin?
The Moral Philosophy of Immanuel Kant: Is Morality Self-Evident or Taught?
Is Health Hacking the future of western medicine?
The Hindu Law of Dharma: Antiquated Dogma or Inherent Duty?
Was J.S. Bach a brilliant, but stodgy composer, as he’s often thought of, or an inspired rebel who was able to transcend the rules of composition, and of society?
In the Camus classic, The Stranger, is Meursault’s lack of emotion at his mother’s funeral a result of a flawed character?
Is it possible to talk in a way kids will listen and to listen so kids will talk?
Is the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho merely a story of chasing after your dreams or is it about self discovery and improvement?
Did Freemasonry shape the thinking and actions of the liberators of South America as in the United States?
Is it possible to talk in a way that kids will listen and to listen so that kids will talk?
Should Energy Healing be a part of mainstream medical care?
What are the origins of the Tarot based on known facts rather than fanciful theories?
Did the Universe Come from Nothing?
How can the Enneagram of psychology enhance our lives and relationships?
The Pursuit of Happiness: Is it a Choice?
Was Judas’ betrayal of Jesus an act of a compassionate sacrifice?
In the Camus classic, The Stranger, is Meursault’s lack of emotion at his mother’s funeral a result of a flawed character?
Does photography offer a true representation of reality?
Can the archetypal myth of the Hero’s Journey assist us in finding ourselves?
Is Trust the Essential Fabric Holding Society Together?
Is “The Ugly Duckling” a Story of an Initiatory Journey?
Why Do We Want Words to Express Feelings After Experiencing Anothers Death?
Should Certain Books Be Banned?
What Use does the Pythagorean Theorem Have in Our Daily Lives?
Could We Manipulate DNA to Extend Human Lifespan?
Should We Look for Logical Fallacies?
Simple Guidance For A Good Life?
Is Beauty A Virtue?
Do the Stars Truly Determine Our Fate?
Is the Term "Elohim" Something Other Than a Name of God?
Is the Quality of Mercy Among Masons Strained?
How Does Our Spatial Environment Influence Us?
Is It Significant that Women Numbered Among Masons in Masonic Operative Guilds?
Does Our Ruling Love Define Us?
Are Space and Time the Ultimate Illusion?
Why Are Ceremonies and Rituals Important in Our Lives?
What Is Your Quest? Manifestations of the Search for the Grail
Does the Triangle Represent Fundamental Truths about Our Reality?
Was Christine de Pisan a Feminist?
How Can We Use Esotericism in Our Own Development?
Is the Story of Jesus Christ a Solar Story?
Is the Path of Initiation a Heros Journey?
CANCELLED due to forecast bad weather
Is Love a Language?
Can a number reveal your destiny?
Does Masonry share a deeper link with Catholicism?
Does the Le Petit Prince have a moral lesson?
How does the silver cord serve to link the soul and personality?
Is the Path of Initiation a Heros Journey?
What is the Fibonacci Series and is it relevant in todays society?
Did Lemuria Really Exist?
Is it possible to separate Nicholas Roerich’s Art from his philosophy?
Should a Fifth Gospel be added to the New Testament?
Does Feng Shui allow you to live in harmony with your environment?
Is Silence a Way to Wisdom?
Are we alone?
Can the average person achieve true happiness?
Is alternative medicine more effective than Western medicine?
Is the practice of rhetoric the ultimate deception or the golden key in “good” human relationships?
Is Saturn a friend or foe to humanity?
Does Mexican Mythology have a major influence on other cultures?
Are we living in The Matrix?
Is there hidden symbolism with the number 12 associated with “The Last Supper” painting by Leonardo Da Vinci?
Is Hermeticism an ancient form of science?
Does Nihilism Lead to a Fulfilling Life?
What is Theosophy?
Is the Sleep Cycle a Symbolic Death?
"Is a Wild Card a Good Thing?
What is Compassion?
Did King Solomons Temple Really Exist?
Does Esoteric Poetry Have a Place in Modern America?
Is Alchemy Speculative or Operative?
Is Extinction Natural?
Is there an intersection between Philosophy of the Mind and Artificial intelligence?
What is WIsdom, Strength, and Beauty?
Did the Industrial Revolution Improve Society?
What is Liberty?
Hiram MPS is dark in December. No Meeting.
Was it the best of times AND the worst of times?
Does the Theology of Star Wars Teach Us That All Religion is Doomed to Failure?
What Would Modern Society Look Like Without Esoterism?
Does the Trivium Method provide a Path to Intellectual freedom?
Does the music we listen to have an effect on our health and well being?
What does it mean to Grok or Understand in Fullness?
What are the hidden messages and symbolism in allegorical art?
What is Truth? Is it subjective or objective in its nature and why should that matter to us?
New York
Is the World a Better Place?
We are What We Eat, Can We Heal Ourselves With the Proper Diet?
Are we living in the Matrix?
South Carolina
Who Am I?
Is man motivated by his fear of death?
Who is most apt - the one who competes or the one who cooperates?
What is the real meaning and power of numbers?
Camus, The Stranger, and the Absurd
Should museums return artifacts to their country of origin?
Atheist, Agnostic, Deist, Theist : What are you and why?
Does the Trivium Method provide a path to intellectual freedom?
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"If you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is law and no amount of pretending will alter that reality."
Greek Philosopher

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